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When your car come at Cars Transmission for routine/general service. We also check whole front & rear suspension and greasing, oiling in some needed parts of your cars suspension.
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Suspension and Steering Repair

Cars Transmission is among the leading steering and suspension repair shops in Delhi-NCR. Both steering and suspension are crucial element of every car, and it takes years of experience and expertise to identify and fix problems. With our team of mechanics possessing the required experience and expertise, dealing with steering and suspension problems is not tough for us.

When your car come at our workshop for routine/general service, our experts also check the front & rear suspension for greasing and oiling. Regular oiling & greasing the cars’ suspension protects it from rusting and increase its life. It is recommended that you replace your cars’ suspension after 150000 kms. Wheel rating, constant jerks, bumps and hardness are some problems related to cars’ suspension.

In addition to repairing and servicing your car suspension, we also perform repair & service of your cars’ steering. Most cars available in the market today have problem in their steering rack assembly. When not working properly, the steering rack assembly creates a ridge and produces a irritating and rattling sound that destroy your drive pleasure. Experts at Cars Transmission can fix the problem without changing the steering rack assembly but by repairing the rack assembly.


 Why Cars Transmission?


Ultimate Client Satisfaction

Cars Transmission leaves no stone unturned to ensure optimum level of client satisfaction. Our team of mechanics possess the experience and expertise to carry out suspension and steering repair & service on every model. They adhere to global standards to fix suspension and steering problems, while ensuring best-in-class services to the clients.


Modern Repair & Service Methods

To ensure our clients receive the best repair & service, our professionals use modern repair & service methods to fix problems with cars’ suspension and steering problems. Using the latest tools, our mechanics are able to identify suspension and steering problems and diagnose them in no time.


Affordable Services

Cars Transmission offers affordable car steering & suspension repair services in Delhi-NCR. Despite employing modern repair & service method and using genuine parts our service bills are never unnecessarily inflated. From repairing the steering rack assembly to fixing wheel rating, constant jerks, bumps and hardness, we do it all without burdening your pocket.


Let’s Discuss Your Car’s Steering and Suspension Needs

Bring your car to Cars Transmission to make sure your cars’ steering and suspension are working fine year around. To avail our free pickup and delivery service in Delhi-NCR, simply call 011-41041032 or 9266977152.

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