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In your cars petrol engine be routinized service at interval mileage of btw 5,000 to 10,000kms. Cars Transmission provide service your European & Asian cars (Like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar…etc.).
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Petrol Engine Repair & Services

Petrol engine repair & service is one of the central services of Cars Transmission. From engine overhaul and draining water from separators to changing lubricating oil and fuel/air filters, we do it all. Our experts use modern tools to identify problems with the engine and troubleshoot them within a promised timeframe. Any damage to the backbone of the car, its engine, leads to costly repair & service. Cars Transmission uses high-grade parts to carry out engine repair.

Need for Petrol Engine Repair & Service

Petrol engine cars require routine service at interval mileage anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 Kms. Engine of the car experiences the maximum wear & tear, and if not taken good care, it starts to deliver low performance. If you have start experiencing lower level of speeds and performance from your car, maybe it is time to take it to a car service workshop such as Cars Transmission. We possesses expertise in petrol engine repair & services of domestic and imported cars.


Why Us?


Service All Types of Car Engines

Regardless of what fuel they are running on, car’s require regular servicing. Cars Transmission possesses expertise in repairing & servicing all types of car engines. Our mechanics put their technical skills to good use, and quickly analyze the problem with the car’s engine and get down to completing the job.


Wide Range of Services

At Cars Transmission, we perform diesel engine overhaul and fix any type engine related problem, ranging from cleaning the lubricating oil to replacing the damaged bearing. Our engine servicing also includes changing air filters, fuel filters, and draining the water separators.


Transparent Proceedings

Cars Transmission believes in developing a strong bond with its customers which is why we never add any hidden charge to the service bill. You are charged only for the work we perform. The final bill is close to the estimate that our specialist provide before initiating the repair or service.



Engine parts are expensive and we understand it is not possible to get them repaired or serviced everyday, which is why we offer warranty on our work. If we perform overhaul of your car’s petrol engine, we provide 50000 kms engine parts related problems warranty (excluding wear & tear to the parts).


Let’s Discuss Your Requirements

To rectify any problem with your car’s engine, look no further than Cars Transmission. Our proficient mechanics will take care of all issues bothering the performance. To arrange free pickup and drop anywhere in Delhi-NCR, simply call 011-41041032 or 9266977152.


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