Car scanning centre in South Delhi | Continental car scanning centre
Cars have a diagnostic or scanning cuplers (OBD) through OBD we connect our scanners & diagnostic tools. These tools perform report us what the electrical or mechanical issue in car.
Continental car scanning centre, car scanning centre in South Delhi
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Cars Diagnosis & Cars Scanning

Running a total diagnostic on your car periodically is integral to its maintenance. A total car diagnostic test reveal a range of problems associated with your car’s transmission, fuel tank, exhaust system, and other components. Today, every car has built-in diagnostic or scanning couplers called OBD. When you bring your car to our scan centre, we will connect the latest scanning and diagnostic tool to the OBD to uncover any recorded problems. Every car comprises several control units or computers that controls electrical works and displays along with electronic features and sensors. The car scanners highlights the fault code from your car control units. Cars Transmission can also help upgrade your cars’ software and remap/reprogram car’s engine control unit to improve its power and acceleration.


Need for Car Diagnosis Services

Total car diagnostics is an extremely helpful method of identify cars’ problems and swiftly correcting them. Modern cars fault codes are stored in the vehicle’s memory system. Our experts use modern scanning tools to correctly identify and diagnose the problem in less time. Bring your car to a our scan centre can help fix minor problems before they grow into big, expensive problems.



Why Cars Transmission?


Optimum Level of Commitment

As a renowned automobile service company in Delhi-NCR, we are committed to help every car owner get solution to their car problem(s). Our car scan centre is equipped with latest scanning and diagnostic tools that enable us to identify and repair the problem with your car in no time.


Team of Skilled Mechanics

The backbone of every car workshop is its team of mechanics. Cars Transmission boosts of a team of highly skilled mechanics who can repair & service cars of all makes and models. Our professionals are diligent and used advanced scanning tools to identify and diagnose problems with your cars’ transmission, fuel tank, or exhaust system.


Best-in-Class Services

When you bring your car to Cars Transmission’s scan centre one thing you can be assured of is best-in-class repair service. We only install genuine parts to replace the damaged or worn out parts, and never inflate our service bills. We will only charge you for the work we do on your car.


Get Total Car Diagnostic Done, Today

Bring in your car to our scan centre and we will run a total diagnostic to ensure no problem is left unattended. We also provide free pickup and drop service in Delhi-NCR. To learn more about our services, call 011-41041032 or 9266977152.


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